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Not so random thoughts about education for all

What a worrisome week… It’s been an interesting, and challenging week for people who think  and feel, what with the DC and Moscow connection becoming clearer, and scarier. I think of the scene in the movie Airport, where Lloyd Bridges states … Continue reading

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Comics and Educational Technology?

That was the gist of question that a friend asked me this week. A meandering conversation at a cafe led to me THE question: What’t the connection between my professional activities as an educational technologist, and my dissertation about teaching about … Continue reading

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Late & Redbeard

Due to circumstances caused by aliens from beyond the 8th dimension, as well as a minor technology melt-down, I’m a bit late with this blog. Sorry, ardent readers… I just finished watching  Kurosawa’s Red Beard, one of my three all-time … Continue reading

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Learning with comics

I love to tell people that I wrote my doctoral dissertation on graphic novels and comics! But I am not the first to do this (for example, Nick Sousanis wrote his brilliant graphic novel, Unflattening, a meditation on the relationship between text … Continue reading

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