Dispatches from the hunker bunker #1- Empty Shelves and Graphic Medicine in comics

Day 12 of hunkering in the greenfield bunker, 5 days since my last journey to hunt for provisions. Being a little short of water in mi casa de los dos gatos, I made my way to wild lands of a near-ish Target. But to no avail- their proverbial well was dry, as well as their shelves. So then attempted to order some water online, and discovered some this precious elixir at the fields of Sprouts and ordered some. Two days later when the astute shopper was shopping for me. he sent an image of the hollow shelves where the water used to live. But, he happily said, they have beer, which is why I suddenly find myself with a 6-pack of a Sierra Nevada IPA of some sort. I’m so happy that I ordered a bicycle trainer so that I will be able to exercise the beer away. Friday can’t come soon enough.

And now, a word from our sponsor (me), graphic literature and comix for education.
Stay tuned (can I still use this term here?) fellow quarantiners, I have received a small crop of graphic literature and comix to read and write about. For now, in the time of virus, check out this important and very cool site called Graphic Medicine, https://www.graphicmedicine.org about new comics about COVID-19 These are some really good examples of the benefits of usingĀ  graphic literature and comix for education.

Be safe and stay healthy dear readers.

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