So you want to be an artist?

It has been a rough week so treatises or lectures this week, just some of my art work. Oh yes, besides being an educator, technologist and innovator, I am an artist. Actually, I started out as an artist. Well, I still am. It’s funny, but the evening before I was discharged from the IDF, my base commander called me to his office for an exit interview. This was not usually the case with soldiers about to leave. But as I was one of 6  Americans on the base, and the only one teaching 81 mm mortars, he was curious. After some chit-chat, he asked what I was going to do, and I replied, “go back home and study art”, which is what I did, and do (although not as much as I used to, or want to. But I am still being creative!). So here are a few selecti0ns from the past 3.5 decades.  I’ll be adding more details later and in the mean time, I hope that you enjoy!

Golem 1, 2018

Ivree, 1996

Reflection on a Summer Night

After the Akedah, 1989. 6′ x 10′

L.A. Phone Book


Untitled Sphere


Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Desert Sky

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