Dispatches from the Hunker Bunker #2: Interesting and fun websites for the quarantined

Over the past three weeks, I’ve gathered some websites that are interesting, engaging, and fun. I’ve assembled a list of some of these sites- taken mostly from the arts, with a few other subjects thrown in for good measure. I’ve also included a few links to some artists that I know, others recommended to me. And of course a few links to graphic literature and comix sites (as well as my dissertation).


Free coloring books from 113 museums

The Craftmanship Initiative

The National Emergency Library is a gift to readers everywhere

10 University Art Classes You Can Take for Free Online

Use your new indoor free time transcribing rare documents for the Library of Congress

This Virtual Tour of the Carlsbad Caverns Will Entertain You (and Your Kids) for Hours (Video)

Comix & Graphic Literature

Frederick Luis Aldama, Professor Latinx

Beyond Super Heroes and Talking Animals: Social Justice in Graphic Novels in Education (my disserttion)

Comics as poetry

Drawn and Quarterly (publishes some of my favorite authors)

Graphic Medicine website

Graph­ic Nov­els and Comics from a Jew­ish Perspective

Sarah Lightman, artist, writer, editor

Sequentials Journal

Spin and Weave, the website of Nick Sousinis

Teaching a course on Arabic graphic novels

50 essential Jewish graphic novels from abe books

Museums & Artists

A 5-Hour, One-Take Cinematic Tour of Russia’s Hermitage Museum done on an iPhone

A museum dedicated entirely to words and language is opening in Washington, DC

Art and Architecture: THE SHAPE OF LIGHT

Caroline Blum, artist

Chamomile Tea Party

Computer Histotry Museum

Fred Duignan, artist

Ian Everard, artist

Judy Gelles.com, Florida family portrait

Museum challenges people in self-quarantine to recreate favorite works of art with objects at home

NASA makes entire media library publicly accessible copyright free

Paris Museums Put 100,000 Images Online for Unrestricted Public Use 

Elizabeth Pollie, artist

Felicia Rice, Moving Parts Press

Margaret Rinkovsky, artist

World-Class Museums Offering Virtual Tours Right From Your Laptop

Music & Theater & Dance

1,000 Jewish, Christian and Muslim strangers sing Bob Marley’s “One Love” in Jerusalem

Austin City Limits opens up video archives for free during COVID-19 pandemic

Beethoven, Symphony No.9, 4th movement sung by a 10000 voice choir in Japan

David Broza – YiHye Tov (Things will Get Better)

The great opera classics available online for free

You Can Stream Shakespeare Plays Recorded At The Globe Theatre, Online

 Xtra Fun

Colors named after real people

For cat lovers

How to make bagpipes out of a garbage-bag

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